Diamond blades cutting marble and granito Diamant Domo

Diamant Domo

Customized diamond blades for cutting slabs or thicknesses

Diamond blades for cutting slabs and thicknesses

Diamond blades are used for processing natural stones and composite materials, excluding granite
They are mainly used on frames that allow the cut in slabs of the block but are also used on single-blade frame to obtain squared blocks or for production of thicknesses.
Thanks to the high quality raw materials used in the production process of the product, our diamond blade is highly appreciated for precision and quality in the cut and can be mounted on all the frames for marble processing.
The sector of diamond tools (disks, wires and diamond tools) is in continuous development and, thanks to our research, customers can be sure of always getting the best results in terms of quality, durability and cutting of diamond blades.
A fundamental condition for long life and excellent performance is the correct assembly of the blades on the frames guaranteed by our specialized technicians in order to obtain maximum efficiency from the diamond tool


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Diamond single blade for frame Diamant Domo

Diamond blade for single blade frame

The diamond blade for single-blade frames is used for squaring, sawing or the production of blocks and for cutting thicknesses and slabs of marble.

Material: marble e agglomerates

Process: cutting

Machinery: single blade frame

Diamond blades for multi blade frame Diamant Domo

Diamond blades for multi blade frame

The diamond blade is installed on multi-blade frames and is used for sawing slabs of blocks of marble, natural stone and agglomerates and similar materials.

Material: marble e agglomerates

Process: cutting

Macchinery: multi blade frame