Diamond wires for marble granite and stone Diamant Domo

Diamant Domo

Customized diamond wires for cutting marble, granite and agglomerates

Diamond cutting wires for marble, granite and stone

The diamond wire is a recent and very innovative solution in the field of stone cutting and processing products. The reduction of costs and flexibility of use mean that this tool will remain a long-time protagonist in the cutting of marble and granite.
The diamond wire is widely used in the quarries of extraction but also in single or multi-wire machines that allow the stone to be cut into slabs and their shaping and squaring
Diamant Domo wires ensure a perfect finish:

  • precision and cutting speed
  • absence of vibrations
  • low noise

This combination translates into a significant reduction in costs due to savings in water, energy and labor. Diamant Domo is able to produce diamond wires for every type of requirement:

  • Diamond wires for marble and granite quarries
  • Diamond wires for squaring and shaping marble
  • Diamond wires for suqaring blocks of granite
  • Diamond wires for granite shaping
  • Multi diamond wires
  • Diamond wires for reinforced concrete and steel
  • Diamond coated spring wire


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Diamond wires for quarry machine

Diamond wire for quarrying

Material: marble and granite

Processing: stone cutting

Machinery: quarry machine

Multi Diamond wires for cutting stone Diamant Domo

Multi diamond wires

Material: marble,granite,agglomerates 

Processing: cutting stone

Machinery: quarry machine

Diamond wires for stationary machine Diamant Domo

Wires stationary machine

Material: marble,granite,agglomerates 

Processing: cutting stone

Machinery: stationary machine

Diamond wires for profiling machine Diamant Domo

Diamod wires profiling machine

Material: marble,granite,agglomerates

Processing: cutting profiling

Machinery: profiling machine