Diamond discs for natural stome marble and granite

Diamant Domo

Customized diamond discs for cutting marble, granite and agglomerates

Diamond discs for cutting natural stone

Diamond disks are tools for cutting and processing any stone: marble, granite, agglomerate. Available in diameters between 100 and 4000 mm, with standard or silent core, Diamant domo disks offer quality and perfection thanks to our experience handed down for generations.

Our diamond tools are designed and blended according to the needs of the customers, according to the specifications and they must have based on the stone to be cut.

Our welding departments, sintering of segments, pressing and mixing powders together with our studies and our experience, guarantee a unique and already much appreciated product as well as in Italy and abroad.

Our diamond disks find application in different sector:

  • Diamond blades for milling cutter for marble and granite cutting
  • Single diamond discs for block cutter
  • Multi discs block cutter
  • Diamond discs for splitting-sawing machine
  • Diamond discs headinf machine
  • Diamond cutting discs for floors and asphalts


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Via Pisacane 61 Villadossola (VB)

Milling cutter discs

Diamond discs for milling cutter Diamant Domo

Diamond cutting tool used for various types of cutting: shaping, trimming and cutting to size of semi-finished products of marble, granite and agglomerates

Single disc cutter

Diamond discs fr single cutter machine Diamant Domo

Horizontal or vertical diamond tool used to divide longitudinally marble strips and agglomerates obtained from block cutters or from sawn slabs to a loom and subsequently trimmed

Multi discs block cutter

Diamond multi discs for block cutter machine

Tool used on a continuous machine with multiple diamond disks normally used in automatic cutting lines for the production of standard elements and the realization of several cuts

Splitting-sawing machine

Diamond disc for splitting sawing machine Diamant Domo

Diamond tool used for various types of cutting:shaping, trimming and cutting to sizesemi-finished products of marble, granite and agglomerates

Discs for heading machine

Diamond disc for heading machine Diamant Domo

Diamond tool used on cutting machines, normally inserted in a continuous line for serial production, intended for the squaring of the initial and final part of the marble, granite and conglomerate strips coming out of a block cutter

Diamond discs for building

Diamond discs for bulding machine Diamant Domo

Diamond discs used on construction machines, wall-sawing machines, flexible and cutting-off machines. They are used in the construction sector for cutting both soft and hard surfaces