Diamond tools for numeric control CNC machine Diamant Domo

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diamond tools for precision work and engraving

Diamond tools for numerical control machines

This category of diamond tools is used for stone processing with CNC numerical control machines, CNC machining centers and pantographs.
These products are optimized and studied for engraving and precision machining of marble, granite and synthetic materials and guarantee the realization of particular curved shapes and holes.
We can divide these products into two large families:

  • Electrolytic tools for working marble and stone
    • core drill
    • cutting mill
    • grindstone
    • routers
  • Sintered tools for colored granite or marble
    • core drill
    • drilling bit
    • cutting mill
    • routers

Diamant Domo assures you advice and assistance to get the best results in stone processing always according to your needs.


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Core drill

Diamond core drill for marble and granite Diamant Domo

Diamond tool of various diameter and length used to drill and carve marble, granite. It is mounted on cutters or even drills for construction work

Drilling bit

Diamond tools Drilling bit Diamant Domo

Diamond tool designed to drill holes in marble, granite, agglomerates and concrete. It is used on drills, machining centers or cutters

Stubbing wheel

Diamond tools stubbing wheel numeric control machine Diamant domo

Diamond wheels of various diameters to be mounted on CNC numerical control machines to perform removal operations on marble and granite

Writing cutter

Diamond writng cutter for marble and granite Diamant Domo

Tool of various diameter and length used to drill and engrave marble and granite materials.It is used on CNC milling machines, pantographs and machining centers for high precision finishing

Straight router

Diamond straight router numeric control machine Diamant Domo

Diamond tool used on numerically controlled machines for the curvilinear cutting of slabs of various thicknesses for granite marble and agglomerates

Profiling wheel

Diamond profiling wheel Diamant Domo

Diamond tool to be mounted on CNC machines for shaping and polishing slabs of granite and agglomerated marble. The grinding wheel is available in various profiles


Router for marble granite and natural stone Diamant Domo

Small diameter diamond grinding tool used for the profiling and grinding of stony materials such as marble, granite and agglomerates

Cutter engraving

Diamond tools cutter engraving for marble and granite Diamant Domo

Diamond tool suitable for making or engraving images or figures on marble and granite, mounted on CN machines equipped with specific software